Hangar One makes vodka from San Francisco fog

Fog Harvesting Photo
Video screen capture Hangar One

This is one of those stories that will inevitably invite sneering comments about hipsters, the Bay Area, and maybe Portlandia.

But I still think it's pretty cool.

In an effort to promote water conservation in California, as well as sustainable water harvesting methodologies for monks in Nepal, craft distiller Hangar One has created a vodka that is literally made out of the San Francisco fog. Well, San Francisco fog plus Californian biodynamic grape wine...

Over six months, the distillery worked with a non-profit called FogQuest to harvest fog at four iconic San Francisco locations—eventually harvesting enough water for 2,400 bottles.

The result is Fog Point which, apparently, tastes like "light floral notes, little honeysuckle, citrus, almost like an Asian pear." A bottle will set you back $125. But 100% of the profits are being ploughed back into water conservation.

Hangar One makes vodka from San Francisco fog
It might cost $125 a bottle, but it tells a cool story about sustainability.

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