Halloween Was Not Scary Enough. Let's See If Tomorrow's Treats Do The Trick.

Halloween Pumpkin 2010

Castle in a pumpkin. Image credit: photo by John Laumer

With Halloween 2010 only a day behind us and the mid-term elections tomorrow morning, likely-voter polls indicate Americans are up for a good 'hate it when that happens' kick in the pants. Let's think about some of the key outcomes of the coming Congressional turnover. Just from the standpoint of how we enviro-freak socialist pinko liberals will experience them (a tongue-in-cheek self deprecation, in case that was not obvious). Look below for my list of predetermined outcomes. Thoughtful comments welcome.

  • EPA's budget will be dramatically slashed to preclude any chance that the Agency might regulate greenhouse gases or require emission reporting.

  • Coal mining and gas fracking industries won't have to spend a penny more than the bare minimum. Hello MTR.

  • Clean coal...say what?

  • Subsidies of renewable energy development will be reduced, possibly ended by "defunding" grant budgets and research programs at DOE.

  • DOT forced to cut back mass transit and bicycle programs under threat of "de-funding" anything but highway upgrades.

  • Congressional hearings held on threat to security posed by the green movement, NASA support for climate research, etc. (see Brian's post just above this one for tactical details)

The question then becomes "what will we do?" Besides complaining and supporting Presidential vetoes. What is the next big thing? What practical pursuits do we focus on?

The back-to-the-land movement was tried back in the early 70's so that's out. Maybe they'll just call it the "off grid" movement hoping that no one will draw the comparison.