Hallelujah! Church of England Goes Green

True to its roots, the Church of England is forging ahead into the modern world, by putting the very real issue of the environment on it its agenda. Dr. Rowan Williams (pictured at left), the Archbishop of Canterbury, is laying out his ideas for a greener future for the church, as it relates to the world in general. At a meeting of the General Synod of the Church of England later this month, directly after the Kyoto protocol becomes enforced, church leaders will tackle the topic of global warming. The Archbishop has already recommended that Christians adopt a policy of "sustainable consumption" and recognize that it’s every person’s God-given duty to protect all of creation... But Williams’s vision is not some vague, foggy view of what might be. According to the U.K.'s The Independent, he has pointedly praised the ethical work of the Body Shop, for example, which he says is helping consumers to consider smarter shopping choices. But that’s only the beginning. The Church of England also plans to begin implementing environmentally-smart policies into its own churches. Recycling, car pooling, and fair-trade products are at the top of the docket of things to promote, but it doesn’t even stop there. The church is also encouraging its local ministers to incorporate organic bread and wine into services. Now that’s something to rejoice in! Via ::Grist ::The Independent [by MO]