Haagen Dazs' Help The Honeybees: Bee Boy Mayhem

Unless you’ve been asleep for the last year or two, you’ll know by now that Colony Collapse Disorder is posing a very real and imminent threat to the world’s honeybees, and consequently to global food production (one third of all agricultural crops rely on bees for pollination!). Luckily, many corporations involved in food production are pitching in to support research and action to help save our furry flying friends – the latest being Haagen Dazs who have set up Help The Honeybees as a means to raise money and awareness (WARNING: The site is annoyingly Flash heavy!). Among the actions recommended on the site are plant wildflower seeds, support your local bee keepers, and donate to research. Haagen Dazs are also selling a brand new flavor, Vanilla Honey Bee, profits from which will be used to fund research at Pennsylvania State University and University of California at Davis. And, just in time for the weekend, we bring you Haagen Dazs’ 'bee boy' interpretation of the famous dances that bees use to communicate. More reading on Colony Collapse Disorder after the fold.
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