Gulf Fishermen Haul in Oil-Covered Shrimp from Newly Opened Waters (Video)


Photo: Fox 10 News

Most of the waters in the Gulf of Mexico have just been reopened to fishermen -- though the jury's still out as to whether anyone will want to eat their catch. The shrimping boat Our Mother just returned from its first excursion to waters long closed off from the BP oil spill, and it's entire haul was ruined: The shrimp it brought in were covered in oily tar balls. This segment on the local news explains:

Perhaps opening the waters was a tad, er, overzealous -- there's still good reason to believe there's a ton of unaccounted-for oil out there (though we know the feds prefer to say that it's all gone). And it looks like these fishermen just found some of it.

It's yet another reminder of the scope of the Gulf spill disaster -- though the national news media may have packed up and headed home for the most part, suffering in the Gulf continues, and the ecological damage remains largely uncalculated. And the economic fallout continues, with thousands of people still out of work due to the circumstances like those seen in the video above.

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