Gulf Coast Resident Marches to DC from Louisiana to Demand Justice After BP Spill

Many Gulf Coast residents' lives have been changed by the BP spill -- whether through lost jobs, health woes, marred property values, or otherwise. And while a cumbersome system has been put in place to pay out claims made by impacted residents, it by no means will right all the wrongs imparted upon the region over the course of the spill. Some residents are justifiably upset that more hasn't been done to hold BP accountable for its negligence. One such resident is Cherri Foytlin, who gained prominence when she passionately called for Obama to back to the Gulf and pay closer attention to the spill and its victims. After he failed to heed her call, Foytlin joined up with Project Gulf Impact to draw attention to the continued suffering in the region -- together, they set out to march from Louisiana to Washington DC. On foot. They're calling the march 'The Road to Washington', and they'll be joined by other residents, activists, and concerned citizens along the way. Here's the video explaining the intent:

Foytlin is right -- corporations like BP are now not only too big to fail, they're too big to be held properly accountable for doing stuff like causing the largest offshore environmental disaster in US history.

It's clear that today, corporations like BP hold far more power and political influence than ordinary citizens. Which is why activist movements like this are so important -- grassroots and populist efforts must be made to attempt to tip the scales of power back towards the people who stand to be impacted by the recklessness and pollution of such corporations.

Learn more about Project Gulf Impact and the Road to Washington.

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