Guide to Making (Green) Babies

This week, The Independent published "How to have an Eco Baby," a step-by-step guide to nappies, organic food, and environmentally-friendly baby products. The article contains a slew of tips for green-minded parents. A couple highlights: Instead of throwing out unfinished jars of baby food (the packing on several brands tells you to do this), purchase a puree machine. One pureeing session can make weeks worth of mealtimes, if you freeze the batch in ice trays. In terms of diapers, this article gives us, er, the bottom line, on disposable vs. cloth. "You can kit out a baby in real nappies for under £50 (about 70 euro or $90 U.S. dollars). The same sum could only buy nine weeks' of disposables." TreeHugger also suggests: the flushable gdiapers.

Photo courtesy of Marc Balanky