Guerrilla Global Warming message


In Germany, the local branch of Friends of the Earth called BUND, is running around with an interesting guerrilla anti-global warming campaign- they are taping balloons on tailpipes of cars so that as people drive away the balloons inflate with the message "The world can't take any more CO2." and then pop. We doubt it would work in America, where messing with cars gets you declared an eco-terrorist and sent away for many years, and all of those shredded balloons are a bit of a waste problem. We wondered if the balloon wouldn't just melt but a commenter to the original posting said "as a practical joker of some note during my younger days, I can tell you exactly what happens. First of all, you have to tape the balloon to the exhaust pipe, or it'll blow right off. If you do tape it on, the ballon does indeed expand and pop. And the car stalls. Good for a lot of laughs when you're 12. Not so much when you're 30 and trying to make a point." Our sentiments exactly. ::Ernie Shenck via ::Adfreak thanks, Piers at PSFK!

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