Guerilla Gifts


We love Guerilla Gardeners and in our next life will be one...what could be more anarchic and creative than making miserable corners of a city come to life with flowers and water overnight. There is an active group working in London and one of their projects was a median strip in east London which they planted with lavender.

Nicknamed the "London Lavender Field", 200 plants were patted into the ground in a barren and ignored strip of earth in the middle of a busy road. The harvest of the lavender in the autumn is one of the highlights of the guerilla season. It took two hours to fill two car loads of the cut lavender, which was then dried in preparation for the creation of sachets. Lavender grows beautifully here in the UK and has a fragrant and wonderful smell and supposedly it keeps away moths.

As a fundraiser, the Gardeners are selling sachets made out of the illicit lavender from their "garden". The sachets are hand made by the group out of Irish Linen with their name stamped across it (pictured), and stuffed with the strong, sweet-smelling lavender. Only 200 are for sale and the profits go towards their work, of course.

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