Guardian's Green Living Guide


It's everything you ever wanted to know about how to save the environment or, green living for dummies or, a guide to living or, all of the above. The Guardian has put together a handy little book that answers the question "what can I do about global warming?" The answer: do something and start now. With credit given to, the booklet delves into eight areas: transport, self, home, food, work, garden, kids & pets, and holidays. The discussion on each subject includes an opening essay, examination of the green options, examples, a directory of services and further reading. Sadly, not all of the information is on the Guardian website, but many of the articles on food, travel, work, garden and self are there. light%20bulb.jpg On an optimistic note, it concludes with 10 things to do now:
1. Sign up for an organic vegetable box from your local farm.
2 Get your house properly insulated, turn your thermostat down and reduce your water consumption.
3. Ride a bike.
4. Put as little in the bin as possible: recycle, reuse or compost instead.
5. Sign up for a green electricity tariff from a good supplier.
6. Holiday in the UK.
7. Change your incandescent lightbulbs to greener CFL bulbs.
8. Repair some of your clothes, bags, shoes and lights instead of always buying replacements.
9. Eat less meat.
10. Choose the most fuel-efficient car available.
:: The Guardian