Guardian's Climate Change Adverts

The British Guardian newspaper asked four ad agencies to spread the message of global warming out to the populace at large, instead of 'buy more, buy more'. From Soul, an advert "inspired by the government's chief scientist Professor Sir David King's claim that the threat to the planet from global warming is greater than that posed by terrorism." "Our main idea was that people - ourselves included - don't take global warming seriously," Saatchi & Saatchi Creative director, Paul Domenet, said they were "looking for the kind of "iconic image" that a flower in the barrel of a gun gave to the anti-Vietnam war campaigners. We deliberately went for visual exaggeration." Strawberry Frog's creative partner, Scott Goodson, says the aim was to get people talking about global warming: "You're not going to get through to the average man in the street by using threats." says art director Olly Farrington. "I'm unashamed about using shock tactics because the time has come for people to be shocked." And then "We wanted to come up with a positive message," [says TBWA\London strategic planner Jeremy Simon.] "It has become a convention to see the Houses of Parliament underwater. That approach makes people think it is inevitable, and sort of shocks them into apathy. You have to present the solution as something that's manageable." More ads below. Via O2 Network Read Claire Cozen's article in ::The Guardian You can see the full size ads by going to the Guardian link above. Tell us what you think.


A cow on motorbike. Caption reads: Your farts warm the bed.
Her farts warm the planet. (then a bit about cow methane
emissions followed by...) Drive less and eat your vegetables.


Man drowning under weight of washing machine and aircraft
turbine (and mistakenly an aersol can - still getting ozone
depletion confused with global warming!). Caption reads: Don't
let what you do take us all down. You can stop global warming.


Light switch with two settings: Flashfloods or Off and the
caption - Your small changes can make a big difference.