Guardian: Can our way of living really save the planet?

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Something is happening in the UK that we are missing in North America. Where we are all single issue types, worried about global warming or peak oil or vegetarianism or seal hunts, in the UK they have wrapped the whole thing into the concept of ethics, which the dictionary describes as "A set of principles of right conduct." They make TV shows about it. They build communities around it. 'People have a hair-shirt image about green living but it can be easy, affordable and attractive,' said Kendal Murray, who lives in BedZed. 'I live with a clear conscience and haven't had to give up a single thing to live this life.'According to the Guardian, "Ethical living is on the march... . Statistics published by the Co-operative Bank show that Britons spent £25.8bn on ethical goods and services last year, up 15 per cent on 2004. More than 40 per cent of that went on ethical banking and investments, though sales of fair trade goods - items which pay a premium over the market rate to the producer - are also rising dramatically." Even the Lonely Planet Travel Guide, which obviously promotes travel, is feeling guilty and now discouraging "casual flying" We need more of this here- it is not about single issues, it is about a way of life. ::Observer with help from tipster Bonnie