Guangzhou Mayor Leads Mass Poisoning/Swim

Guangzhou has been the source of some unusual stories on TreeHugger. First there was the news that 'professional noses' had been employed to track down the source of pollution. The workers had only a three year career, after that their noses were no longer at the top of their game and were forced into retirement.

Now there's an equally oddball story - an organized swim through China's third longest river to celebrate the new, non-polluted river. 3,500 people set off across the water as the Mayor fired a starters pistol. It was organized to celebrate the clean-up, after rapid pollution had left it highly polluted - and highly polluted in China is quite a sight.The event was annual until the 1970s, when the heavy pollution put a stop to it. The mayor was quoted as saying that the swim aimed to, "make the local residents become aware of the importance of pollution control."

Unfortunately though, they might be celebrating a little early - one participant named Zhao, said, "The water really stinks over there. You can see. The water's black." Let's hope that this event hasn't caused any serious illness. Personally I don't think that I would do any outdoor swimming in China, especially if the water looked black. ::ENN

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