Group Greens California's Inner-City Schools in Offbeat Way

Not too long ago we pointed out there was a group committed to greening the inner-city, one school at a time. And with fruit trees, no less; bringing the potential for a veritable smorgasbord of fresh fruit to schools trapped in the concrete jungle just by helping them grow it in schoolyards across urban California.

Of course the message to kids is that green is good, wherever you live. And that yes, we all can make a difference. So this year the veggie-oil powered tree-planting tour is busy transforming urban California schoolyards once again as the Fruit Tree Tour dances, digs and drums with students through its 5th annual tour. No small feat indeed, particularly when you consider the fact that many of the students probably never even dreamed of turning their schoolyard into an oasis like an urban orchard.

But schools from San Diego to Sacramento have signed on to participate, and their students will spend the day creating positive change in their schoolyards by digging, drumming and dancing while creating eco hip-hop and green theater on campus.

Which is really quite a bag of tricks, isn’t it?

And since kids learn in many different ways it seems they just may leave with an impression that sticks with them for some time to come.

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Via: Common Vision

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