Grist on Poverty and the Environment

As we discussed in our post about the Observer's Ethics awards, there is more to being green than just using less gas- there are all kinds of aspects to it. A social conscience is one of those, and we see it clearly at Grist with their seven week series on Poverty and the Environment.

"...It's true that the confluence of economic and environmental injustice can be particularly extensive and devastating in poor nations. But it is also true -- and far less remarked-upon -- that poverty and environmental degradation go hand and hand in the United States as well. The lower your income in this country, the higher the likelihood that you will be exposed to toxics at home and on the job. The greater the risk that you will suffer from diseases -- ranging from asthma to cancer -- caused or exacerbated by environmental factors. The harder it will be for you to find and afford healthy food to put on your table. The less likely you are to live in a community that provides safe outdoor spaces for you and your family to enjoy."

We look forward to reading every article. Congratulations, ::Grist