Greyhound Australia to Begin Carbon Offset Program


Image courtesy of Queensland Holidays

The global carbon solutions company Cleaner Climate announced a partnership with Greyhound Australia last week. The companies are initiating a carbon offset program that customers can purchase along with their ticket—for just a single extra dollar. Additionally, the companies are cooperating to create a carbon action plan to improve energy efficiency throughout Greyhound's offices and terminals.

Greyhound is Australia's only national coach company, so there's plenty of potential for widespread impact. According to Cleaner Climate, "if one in three Greyhound Australia customers choose to travel green, over 15,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent can be offset annually through carbon reduction projects." Greyhound has invested around 11 million dollars in upgrading its fleet of buses—now they're each 25 percent more fuel efficiency than before.

As an additional incentive to inspire customers to participate in the offset program, those who pony up the extra buck will be entered into a drawing where they could potentially in a 1 kW solar panel system. Public transportation is already helping cut emissions—Greyhound's offset program is an encouraging bonus.

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