Greenwash Watch: Watchdog to Take Bite Out of Greenwashers


Looks as if the stink over Woolworth’s claims about its so-called sustainable forest toilet paper has rolled on even further. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), who said they would look into that particular case, now say they’ve inundated with many similar concerns.

ACCC commissioner John Martin warns the Trade Practices Act applies whether a business is marketing 'green' motor vehicles, 'green' flights, or 'green' toilet paper. "The ACCC intends to ramp-up its green compliance activities with a combination of business and consumer educative initiatives and targeted enforcement action," he said.

Apparently they’ll be widening their net, with scrutiny likely to also turn to the public sector, not just private business. Does this move suggest various levels of government might also be gilding the lily by greenwashing their image too? Shock, Horror! Knock us down with a feather.

Also under the microscope will be $100 million market of carbon-offset schemes and products claiming to be carbon-neutral. “ [...] are these claims too good to be true and do they truly deliver what consumers expect them to?" John Martin wonders. We keenly await his watchdog department’s findings. ::ACCC via ::ABC Online.

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