Greenwash Watch: Victoria's Secret


It's hot in Charleston, South Carolina; Chad Norman of Go Green Charleston went to the mall and found that the Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works both had their doors wide open. He asked the managers if they knew about it; they responded "Of course they did, and even mentioned that they were asked to prop them open. The bottom line is that Limited Brands management is telling store/shift managers to leave exterior doors open on hot days in order to entice shoppers into the store." Chad notes on ::Hugg that " This outdated marketing tactic can eat up to 25% of a store's energy usage, and simply has no place in 2007."

This is, of course the same company whose President says "I believe companies like ours should be a source for good. For us. For our communities. For the world." and whose environmental stewardship policy says "Interwoven throughout every step is our commitment to:...Conserve energy and preserve natural resources"

Congratulations to ::Go Green Charleston for exposing this hypocrisy and greenwashing. via ::Hugg

Earlier on TreeHugger: ::Victoria's Secret Catalogue goes Green. Sort of.

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