Greenwash Watch: More Fibs From the LCBO


When we last ranted about the government-owned Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO)a commenter asked "Canada still has government-run liquor stores? What year is this? 1935?" Well we do, because they make billions and won't give it up. They pretend to be concerned about the environment but build styrofoam clad big box stores, promote Australian wine more than local, and refuse to take back bottles. (we have deposits and recycling now but you have to take the bottles to the beer store). But most egregious is their promotion of tetra-paks, aluminum and PET bottles as being greener than glass.

The ad above is a complete distortion- we have full recycling so there is no glass in the waste stream, it isn't waste. So how does going PET reduce the waste stream if there isn't one? They just like packing more onto the shelves- PET bottles cannot be recycled, only downcycled. This is not green, it is greenwashing.

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