Greenwash Watch: Michelin: Worst. Greenwashing Site. Ever


The words "eco tire" attracted us- what could it be? It's Michelin marketing "energysaver construction(TM) "a combination of unique rubber compounds and tire architecture [that] helps reduce energy consumption (in the form of heat). It invited us to explore "a greener world," a stunning website extolling a vision of a bucolic, high tech future where all will be fine if we "use the dishwasher and washing machine only with full loads because it's more efficient." and other useful tips relevant to tires. Spectacular animations done probably at great cost, utterly devoid of any useful content whatsoever.

Nowhere on the entire site do they quantify how much energy the eco-tire saves, nor do they list a single environmental measure that they have done of any significance (other than build a hydrogen powered car in 2004).


One supposes that as a manufacturer of a product made from petrochemicals to be mounted on automobiles, there is not a lot they can say and can only wrap themselves in imagery.

However I have never seen a company spend so much to say so little. ::Michelin Green Follow the "come explore" link and for more virtual fun, the "better way forward"

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