Greenwash Watch: Dell Hijacks Earth Day Bandwagon


Everyone uses the term greenwashing now, and we have previously coined greenwrapping, for putting solar panels on fossil fuel power plants. Now we have a new one: Greenbaiting, or green bait and switch. That is what Dell is doing in their advertising right now.

Dell Canada is running ads that are covered in Green graphics and a sale that runs to Earth Day, but in the entire ad, there is not a single word or link that explains a single green claim that they make when they say "go green with Dell."


They say it is easy being green, but they sure don't make it easy to find out how. Following that link takes you to an absolutely standard page.


But wait, there is some local green down at the bottom, a recycling programme! But click on the "see details" and what do you get: A google map. To Jasper's Restaurant. No explanation of what the program is about, what the hours are, what Jasper is going to do with a ton of computer waste.


I thought maybe I was missing something, so I typed "go green " into the search box after clicking on the "go green with Dell"


and of course, got green cameras.

We have said some nice things about Dell, such as Dell Reaches Carbon Neutrality Goals, 5 Months Ahead of Schedule and we have even admired the Studio Hybrid as being pretty green. But to run an ad without a single link to anything remotely explaining why, just covering it with green graphics and statements because it is the run up to Earth Day, is GreenBaiting, plain and simple.

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