Greenwash Watch: BP stands for Beyond the Pale


What does BP stand for these days? Beyond Propaganda? ByeBye Planet? Bad Pollution? We just aren't certain anymore, now that it is spending $3 billion to buy into the stupid fuel, oil from the Alberta Tar Sands, global warming's new Ground Zero. Each barrel of oil out of the tar sands generates about a two thirds of a tonne of CO2, so BP's 200,000 barrels a day will generate about 127,000 tonnes of CO2 per day.

They will have to sell a lot of wind turbines and solar panels to compensate for that! ::Joe Romm


The Tyee recently wrote a good article on the silliness that is the Tar Sands:

You can't practice abstinence while running a brothel. Yet politicians of almost all stripes talk simultaneously about developing the Alberta oil sands while getting serous about reducing carbon emissions. Sound like a crock? It is. ::The Tyee

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