Greenpeace to Build New State-of-the-Art Rainbow Warrior III


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Greenpeace has announced that it will be building a new state of the art £14M (US$23M) sailing ship. When it is finished next year, the Rainbow Warrior III will be one of the biggest boats to be commissioned in the last ten years (move over Roman Abramovich).

The mega-yacht will be a sailing ship because they are the most environmental, but for back up it will have both diesel and electric engines. They expect the engines will be used only 10% of the time because they want to reduce emissions and burn less fuel.

According to an article in the Guardian, the boat will be new, rather than converted from an existing one, because it has been found to be more ecological to start anew. It will have 1,300 sq. M of sail, and two masts. The huge sail area has been chosen in the hopes that they can use very little diesel fuel. However, heat created by the generators will be re-used to heat water on board and for engine pre-heating.

The boat will sleep 30 and have its own helipad and room for a flotilla of inflatable rafts and small dinghies. It will have a satellite system to allow Greenpeacers to stream video footage anywhere in the world.

The boat will be expensive but Greenpeace has almost 3 million members and lots of money. This new boat will be the sixth in their fleet, which makes it larger than the navies of Madagascar, the Maldives and Mauritius.

Image from yachtpals: Sinking of Ady Gil

Sailing ships on the high seas is a dangerous business. Last week the Ady Gil, was rammed and sunk by the Japanese. It belonged to the Sea Shepherd, a group formerly linked with Greenpeace. But luckily, they too have wealthy supporters. The ship was named after a producer who donated £600,000 for its purchase.

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Bob Barker, from The Price is Right, everyone's favourite game show, contributed $US 5M. He has a ship named after him, the Barker. In fact it was on hand to film the Japanese incident last week and help in the recovery of the ship's crew.

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