Greenpeace Stages Greenwashing Award Ceremony in BP Headquarters Lobby (Video)

It's Jackass meets environmental activism! Okay, so maybe it's a little heavier on the Jackass side. Earlier this week, dinner jacket-clad Greenpeace representatives entered the BP headquarters in London and staged an impromptu award ceremony. They attempted to present the oil company with an "Emerald Paintbrush" for the most egregious greenwashing offenses of 2008, and were promptly escorted from the building by the security detail.

Greenpeace evidently chose BP as their first award recipients due to their expansive 2008 ad campaign which emphasized the company's commitment to developing and investing in alternative energy sources. According to Greenpeace's sources, BP instead devoted 93 percent of its investment fund for 2008 for development and extraction of fossil fuels.
Solar power development allegedly received just 1.39 percent, and total renewable energy investments were under 7 percent.

The Greenpeace spokesman who presented the award said, "You wouldn't know it from their adverts, but BP bosses are pumping billions into their oil and gas business and investing peanuts in renewables. They've won the 2008 Emerald Paintbrush award because their slogans suggest that they are serious about clean energy, while their actions show they're still hell-bent on oil extraction."

According to Greenpeace, BP is responsible for the same amount of emissions as the entire nation of Portugal (64.96 metric tons).

And in case you were wondering, yes, there was indeed an actual brush spattered in bright green paint mounted on wood that was to be presented to BP.

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