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We covered Apple's recent Earth Day campaign detailing some of their green initiatives. Apparently we weren't the only ones pleased to see the behemoth show some environmental leadership. Greenpeace International executive director Kumi Naidoo wrote a piece praising Apple for this and encouraging them to keep going. This is particularly noteworthy because of how critical Greenpeace used to be of Apple.

Here are some choice excerpts:

Apple not only recognizes unequivocally that climate change is a real problem, but also that companies like it can help be a part of the solution by powering their operations with modern, renewable forms of energy. [...]

Far from hiding its environmental goals in the back of an investor report, Apple’s very public Earth Day announcement has already reached millions of people worldwide. Apple is now selling environmentalism to the mass market, underpinned by strong commitments to renewable energy, toxic-free production and recycling. Many companies practice greenwashing, making glitzy green ads about token projects, while doing little to clean up the environmental footprint of their core business. Apple has put its money where its mouth is: Greenpeace’s report, “Clicking Clean,” found that the company’s embrace of renewable energy is genuine, and is leading the technology sector. Apple is still far from perfect –it has issues that it must address throughout its supply chains for materials, energy, and labor, including in China – but by being so open about its sustainability goals, Apple is indicating a willingness to be held accountable for its impact. [...]

Apple is proving that a healthier planet, one powered entirely by renewable energy just like its own data centers, is no vision from a crystal ball: it’s here, it works, and it’s what the real innovators are embracing. (source)

Here is the video that Apple released on Earth Day. The narration is by Tim Cook, Apple CEO:

For more details on Apple's green initiatives, see this article: Apple gives us a glimpse of their environmental efforts for Earth Day.

Via Greenpeace International

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