Greenpeace Gets It Right: More Wind Power In Erie A Good Idea


Lookout Cleveland, Ontario Canada can come compete directly with you for renewable electricity (if they want to). As before, we're talking about the wind farm potential of Lake Erie, one of the more shallow of the Great Lakes (pictured with depth intervals shown). We've lambasted Greenpeace a few times for sweating the little stuff on electronics. But when they get it right, like on this issue, credit is due. A glance at the bathymetric map of Lake Erie, as pictured, makes it perfectly clear that there's plenty of shallow areas where wind turbines could be set, assuming the wind profiles also are good. So why not Ontario?

"Greenpeace dispatched the MY (Motor Yacht) Arctic Sunrise into the Great Lakes for the first time in a decade. Monday, the ship sailed through the Welland Canal, and Tuesday, she was anchored off of Port Colborne."

""We're often told by our government officials that we don't have a choice but to go nuclear and run our coal plants longer. On the Great Lakes there's an untapped resource, which is offshore wind," he said. But instead of embracing that resource, he said the government has imposed "a moratorium on even the testing of wind potential on the Great Lakes. Right now we're not even laying the groundwork to ramp up offshore wind in a few years."

"I can understand people wanting to be cautious, but right now across Lake Erie, the City of Cleveland is already testing to put up their own wind farm just off the coast.""

Via::Welland Tribune. Image credit:: NOAA, Lake Erie Bathymetry

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