Greenpeace Encourages Sale of Whales


Baked ones, that is! They're asking people across the country to hold individual bake sales to help save the whales; and in fact, if you register now they'll even send you a free "Bake Sale to Save The Whales" kit to help make it all happen. The kit includes how-to’s, recipes, fact sheets, petitions, and whale-shaped cookie cutters... They're asking people to focus the events on either the 28th or 29th of this month to have maximum impact on the current administrations stance on whaling policy negotiations through a coordinated weekend of national action. And while the main purpose of the bake sales is to make phone calls, get petition signatures, and generate hand-written letters to the current administration, they also want to raise money for the Greenpeace campaign to save whales. And so they're quick to point out that if it's not possible to get involved on either of those days, somewhere close would be great too.. Which may be a great opportunity for schools to turn an average bake sale into something more educational. Let's face it, while kids probably won't get excited about writing to "The Prez", the truth is that they do get excited about a bake sale; and many of them would probably enjoy a different take on it this late in the school year, especially if they've seen a few already. So why not turn your garden-variety school fundraiser into something that can help educate kids and save the whales at the same time? It could be a great way to make a difference this Spring! See also: ::Mexican Government Protects San Ignacio Lagoon Whales Nursery, ::Hundreds of Volunteers Save Beached Whales in Australia, ::Blue Whale Nursery in Patagonia's Golfo Corcovado, ::Japanese Whaling Under Fire

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