Greenpeace Electronics Ranking System Staying With OS 1.1 - Until Next Year


"Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) and Nintendo Co. (NTDOY) are taking too long to phase out toxic chemicals from their game consoles, Greenpeace said Tuesday in its latest environmental ranking of leading electronics companies.

Nintendo Co. became the first company to score zero out of a possible 10 points in the Greenpeace ranking and provided no information to consumers on the substances it uses or future elimination of hazardous materials, the environmental organization said.

Microsoft, judged on its Zune MP3 player and Xbox game console, lost points for its pledge to eliminate toxic chemicals only in 2011 and for having no voluntary takeback program...

Greenpeace judges the companies according to their timelines for eliminating PVCs and fire-preventing chemicals that can be dangerous when released into the environment. It also assesses their ability to collect hardware that has reached the end of its life cycle."

The Money Quote:- "It doesn't weigh a company's overall environmental portrait, although next year it will add energy efficiency to its criteria, said Greenpeace spokeswoman Iza Kruszweska."

There is likely a greater combined mass of PVC found in the toys, plumbing, deck, fencing, gutters, downspouts, and siding of a single suburban home than in all the iPODs ever manufactured. When paradise has been destroyed by man-induced climate change, there will still be plenty of vinyl around. So what's the point? Time to upgrade.

Via::Dow Jones News (by subscription) Image credit::DigiBarn, Early Windows Installation Interface

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