Greenpeace Drapes Obama Poster Over Mount Rushmore to Call for Climate Action

Greenpeace has a live stream going right now on their latest climate action. Activists skilled in rock climbing carefully draped a poster of Obama over Mount Rushmore to get attention focused on global warming and the need for strong action.

Well that was fast. The banner is already down and the live stream has switched to a slideshow of Greenpeace posters. Above is the video from Greenpeace about the action. The conversation about this action is still going - check out Greenpeace's site to follow Twitter feeds and chat box conversation.

Click through to see what the poster hung from Mount Rushmore looks like.Three Greenpeace climbers put up a 65' high x 35' wide banner showing an unfinished portrait of President Obama, and the message: "America honors leaders not politicians: Stop Global Warming." The message is aimed at trying to ensure President Obama, along with other G8 leaders, create action as they meet in l'Aquila, Italy today to discuss the global warming crisis in the lead-up to UN climate treaty negotiations in Copenhagen this December.

According to Greenpeace:

We're at a moment in history where the President must show real leadership, not only for Congress and the American people, but for the world. Unfortunately, the steps taken to address global warming so far have been grossly inadequate. While President Obama's speeches on global warming have been inspiring, we've seen a growing gap between the President's words and his actions.

Greenpeace is calling for:

• keeping temperatures as far below a 2°C Celsius increase as possible, compared to pre-industrial levels to avert catastrophic climate change;

• peaking global emissions by 2015 and be as close to zero as possible by 2050, compared to 1990 levels;

• reducing emissions in the US at least 40% by 2020, compared to 1990 levels;

• and establish a funding mechanism that will provide new money, which by 2020 needs to amount to US$106 billion per year, to enable developing countries to adapt to climate change.

This kind of activism is sure to get some attention, and we're eager to see the results. Here's what the poster looks like, from Greenpeace:

greenpeace poster image

11 Greenpeace activists were arrested for today's stunt.

"I came out here today to ask President Obama to listen to Americans like me. His advisers know the science. He knows the science. And I'll keep scaling mountains until he does the right thing, because we can't afford for him to get it wrong," said Jessica Miller, a Greenpeace climber who was arrested earlier today.

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