$@#&! Greenpeace! (A 40th Birthday Video Tribute)

Today is Greenpeace's 40th birthday. Over the years, you can bet the activist group's work to expose the malfeasance of corporate polluters has pissed off a good many CEOs, politicians, and businessfolk. So, to help them celebrate this hallmark in style, one of the ad agencies that Greenpeace has worked with over the years made this amusing video for them. It's pretty classic. Here's Kumi Naidoo, Greenpeace's International Executive Director, on turning 40:

The seeds of Greenpeace were sown 40 years ago today, when a small band of dedicated people set out to change the world, sailing from Vancouver to end US nuclear testing in the Aleutian Islands. While the first voyage failed to reach its destination, and the test went ahead, their non-violent direct action captured the public imagination, caused the cancellation of future tests and sparked a movement that grew into the world's largest independent environmental organisation.

After four decades of putting environmental issues centre stage and achieving significant victories in defence of the planet, today we face a perfect storm of crises; economic, ecological and democratic. And none more challenging than climate change.

'Tis true indeed -- keep up the good work, guys.

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