Greenlight: A New Online Magazine


We are not quite certain what to make of Greenlight Magazine, a new online magazine extravaganza with sorta treehugger content but a cast of dozens, some kickass technology and clearly a huge investment. They have a dead tree magazine format and software that is like Acrobat on steroids, the idea being that you read it like a magazine with all of the benefits of hyperlinking. On the other hand we have a 21 inch Trinitron and have been using computers since our beloved Kaypro II and we had trouble with it- we missed the bloglike configuration and kept sneaking back to their more traditional form that we covered in February . (is that not weird? We consider the magazine format radical and the online format traditional.) A brave attempt, an interesting concept, some good content and great integration of graphic design and computer technology. Is this the future of green journalism online? We wonder. ::Greenlight Magazine