Greening Your Roof Just Got Easier


Yes, Toyota Motor Corporation is a major player in the automotive industry, but its subsidiary Toyota Roof Garden (this is an English translation of the Japanese site) is producing some interesting ways to offset the environmental challenges that come with this position. First, it was a shrub capable of absorbing airborne pollutants. Now, they've launched roofing tiles that can instantaneously change your roof to a green one. The irrigation system-ready TM9 turf mats, 20 inches square and two inches thick, are both easy to apply and low-maintenance, the manufacturer says, and the Korean velvet grass only needs to be trimmed once a year. Reportedly, these mats are also cheap: Running $43 per square yard. Could a green roof be as simple as TM9? This could be a major breakthrough. Thanks tipster jiltedcitizen. ::Toyota Roof Garden via ::Life Science via ::Hugg