Greening Maine's Legislation

In a first for the Maine Legislature, a raft of environmental measures went undefeated through an entire session. It was a hard-earned victory for the coalition of environmental groups that fought hard to get several of its priorities on the legislative docket this year.

Following are some of the most notable legislative accomplishments in Maine's green agenda:

• Maine will join the country's first regional effort to regulate greenhouse gas emissions by limiting the amount of emissions from its six largest power plants and instituting a regional market for the sale and purchase of pollution allowance (an idea similar to carbon offsetting).• A flame retardant known to accumulate in animals and people – deca BDE – will be phased out of household products sold in Maine by 2010.

• The New England cottontail and 13 other species were added onto Maine's endangered and threatened species list, its first update since 1997.

• Landowners who violate shorefront protection rules by chopping down trees will have to replace them on top of paying a substantial fine.

Via ::Legislature was in a green mood (blog)

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