Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting to Begin for Australian Corporations

Australia Power Plant

photo by Dallas Ewing

In addition to British Columbia's efforts to combat climate change, July 1 marks the start of another greenhouse gas reduction initiative: Australia's National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting System.

Mandates Greenhouse Gas Emissions Record-Keeping
From next Tuesday, corporate groups which emit more than 125 kilotonnes of greenhouse gases, or produce or consume 500 terajoules or more of energy will be require to begin collecting data on their emissions. Also, corporations controlling facilities that emit more than 25 kilotonnes of greenhouse gases, or produce 100 terajoules or more of energy will also have to begin keeping records. The data collected will have to be submitted, from October 2009, as part of annual greenhouse gas and energy reports. Corporations Given Over A Year to Register
Strangely, corporations to whom the scheme might apply have until August 31, 2009 to register for the program. This begs the question, how many corporations will wait until the last minute to register and then claim they don't have enough time to compile the necessary data to file their reports.

Senator Penny Wong, minister for climate change and water said that, "The National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting System will be an important part of our efforts to tackle climate change as we move to establish an emissions trading scheme."

Considering that Australia has the highest carbon emissions per capita, hopefully this scheme will be an effective start at changing that ignoble statistic.

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