Greener Gadgets 2009 is This Week: Here's What TreeHugger Will be Covering

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The Green Gadgets Conference brings together electronics industry leaders, entrepreneurs and designers to talk about key ideas, such as greener product design, recycling programs, and energy efficiency, as well as ways to bring these ideas to market. Last year we covered the event, and this year will be no different: Here's a run-down of the scheduled speakers (including Planet Green's G Word host Daniel Sieberg and our very own Ken Rother): Saul Griffith!
Saul Griffith, co-founder of Instructables (as well as so many other cool projects that it arouses a bit of jealousy in me, I must admit) is scheduled to kick off the event with an opening keynote address. No word on what Saul will be talking about, but considering his track record on amazingly clear and insightful commentary (he wasn't given a genius grant for nothing...) it's bound to be great.

Measuring Your Hue of Green
How do quantify factors in environmental responsibility? Adam Anston of Business Week will be moderating a panel discussion with Aaron Dallek of Planet Metrics, Stephen Harper of Intel, Michael Murphy of Dell, and TreeHugger's Ken Rother which will attempt to create a quick check list for designers that makes the business case for going green.

Green Design for Good
Daniel Sieberg will moderate a panel that will get to bottom of a very important issue: How can the design world revitalize itself to create innovations that can have genuine humanitarian impact. Gadi Amit of New Deal Design, Mark Bent of SunNight Solar, Emily Pilloton of Project H Design, and Rahul Sharma of Freeplay Energy will weigh in.

Closing the Loop in Cradle to Cradle
It's one thing to create the greenest product in the world, but if you haven't taken its entire lifecycle into consideration, how it's disposed of, you're not done yet. Developers of some of the most innovative recycling programs around will weigh in: Ron Gonen, Recycle Bank; Michael Newman, ReCellular; Carl Smith; Rechargable Battery Recycling Corp; and David Thompson from Panasonic will be led by Joshua Topolsky of Engadget in the discussion.

Design Competition
After all that will be the Greener Gadgets Design Competition. Voting's closed, but you still can check out the entries.

Sounds like something you might want to attend? Registration is still open: Greener Gadgets
For sake of transparency, TreeHugger and Planet Green are media partners (along with BoingBoing, Engadget, Ggdt, GreenDrinks NYC, Make, and Unbeige) at Greener Gadgets 2009.
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