GreenDeals: Groupon for Greenies

Green Deals photo

Not that there's a shortage of venues for online bargain shopping, but here's a new one that might interest TreeHuggers: GreenDeals, a recent initiative from Green America, one of the more reliable sources of information on environmentally-friendly and ethically-produced goods.

GreenDeals offers deals around the country, and while the site design might not be as smooth as other Groupon sites, it has more promising options for people who want to make ethical buying choices but not write a research paper on every product they ever buy. GreenDeals has options both on a daily basis and as part of a group purchasing program. And will presumably help to further Green America's fundamental mission: "to harness economic power--the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace--to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society."

Some of the businesses that have have the Green America seal of approval are ones we already love anyway, from Numi Tea to the International Bicycle Fund, and some are ones you might not know—or haven't yet tried. Maybe GreenDeals will change that.

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