GreenBusiness Works Expo 2008 Coming to Atlanta

Image courtesy of GreenBusiness Works

The GreenBusiness Expo is slated to take place this October 7th and 8th in Atlanta, with the aim of educating business leaders, politicians, the development community and others on the latest in sustainable business issues. With an ever widening range of topics, the Expo offers some invaluable instruction on environmental business practices. Here’s what’s on the agenda this year:GreenBusiness Works 2008 Agenda
The topics run the gamut of green business issues, from the LEED certification process, to sustainability programs, to water conservation in buildings, and an examination of sustainable food and farming.

Most intriguing, perhaps, is the Solar Summit—a forum designed to explore and explain innovative new technologies aiding the rise of solar power sourcing.

There'll also be keynote speakers, ‘Green Hall Meetings’ (the Solar Summit being one of them), in addition to the variety of programs offered. The event is $295 per day, or $395 to attend both days. Check the GreenBusiness website for a complete schedule of events, and to register for the event.

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