Green Your Vehicle with Biodegradable G-Oil

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Car motor oil is like belly buttons, everybody has got a little different variation, but they are certainly not all created equal. A company called Green Earth Technologies (GET) is headed in the right path of creating a full line of vehicle products that are not only good for our vehicles, but they are also good for our own health and environment. One such product is an animal-based motor oil.

Imagine driving around in an older vehicle that cannot pollute, simply because it does not burn petroleum particulates. Imagine changing your oil and throwing it in your compost pile for biodegradability, then even taking a swig of it if you're really feeling daring, without suffering noxious consequences because it is fundamentally non-toxic.

Imagine no more, as GET is bringing us this technology today in a product called G-Oil:
G-Oil is better than petroleum and synthetic oil. It is carbon neutral, biodegradable, and will not smoke as traditional petroleum oils can. This means if you have one of those backfiring Uncle Buck Oldsmobile's that has needed an over haul since 1972, you won't be burning oil particulates into the atmosphere and drivers behind you, but instead burning fat, like the fry cooker at your local truck stop diner.

G-Oil is made of the fat of cows which has been liquefied and turned into this green colored oil. The animal-based make-up of this oil has enabled test results to show reduced hydrocarbons by over 30 percent, carbon monoxide by 50 percent, and nitrous oxide by 80 percent when burned in your average everyday vehicle. This means that you can green any vehicle, all with a simple oil change.

The packaging that G-oil comes in is also both recycled and recyclable. It's price is fairly competitive with popular brands as well, so you won't be paying an arm and a leg to help save the world. They also have a line of oil products for marine applications, such as personal water crafts and the outboard engine on your weekend fishing boat.

As the GET motto states, "Save the Earth, Sacrifice Nothing!"

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