Green Your Death - Efficient Cremations

A crematorium in Bath, in the UK, is taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint by making their cremation schedule more efficient. New burners have been installed, and cremations are only undertaken when enough bodies are waiting. Rosemary Tiley, the local council's bereavement manager, said, "we need to manage our workload as effectively and as efficiently as possible, both to minimize gas usage as an environmental issue and to look after our new cremators, which we hope will last a long time. In order to do this we will fire up only one cremator if there are insufficient cremations to warrant both being used. We will store coffins overnight to achieve a balanced workload and gain the greatest efficiency from our cremators."

Some people, like funeral director Carol Spalding, believe that this could upset mourners, "If somebody you love has died I'm not sure that you would be particularly happy about them being left overnight for cremation. It's a very difficult subject to broach - you're sitting in a room with someone who's feeling very raw. There are a few tears. You are talking about delicate things like readings and vicars. Then you have to ask them to sign the form and tell them the cremation might not take place that day."

Cremation is a growing concern for environmentalists as they are a large source of carbon emissions, as well as mercury pollution caused by burning tooth fillings. Cremating a body also takes between one and two hours, so uses a vast amount of energy. It seems that death has changed from a very natural process to one which pollutes massively, and I don't see how it can make the grieving process any easier for loved ones. However, people should have the choice to be treated however they want after they pass on. ::The Guardian