Green Wombat: Blogs Get Even More Specialized


A couple of years ago, TreeHugger seemed pretty specialized, focusing on such a narrow subject as green lifestyle. Now there are specialty subset green blogs for gadgets, clothing and green business sites like Triple Pundit; there is a blog for every interest, no matter how narrow. Time Warner's Business 2.0 blog, which we follow and enjoy, is re-arming itself with multiple warheads covering more specialized subjects, including Green Wombat, covering " the intersection of the environment, technology, business and policy." Another site, Seen and Not Seen, covers design. One gets its name from an endangered species; the other from a Talking Heads song. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall at that pitch. Can Time-Warner beat up TriplePundit and TreeHugger? We'll see. ::Green Wombat