Green Winners: One Lottery Winner Loves His Allotment, the Other Gets an MBE

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Some really big green winners in Britain this week... The recent winner of the EuroMillions lottery, Brian Caswell, won £24.5M, that's $40M US, and is a passionate allotment gardener. Upon learning of his win, he went straight to his allotment to gather his thoughts.

What is he going to do with his new-found riches? He gave a reporter his answer: "I've been trying to grow carrots ever since I've had that allotment and I've never had any success, what I'm going to do now is bring in a professional." Extolling the virtues of his plot, he explained: "This is clearly a hobby I've had for many, many years now, and it's dear to my heart. It's very friendly up there. You can go up and have a chat. It's somewhere to go in the morning — work in the morning, play in the afternoon. That's predominantly what I did. I can't see that stopping." His wife said that she might spend some of the money on a "chaise longue and a new water feature for the garden."

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The next big winner is Geetie Singh, the managing director of SloeberryTrading which operates the Duke of Cambridge pub. She has received an award from the Queen's birthday list, an MBE (Member of Order of the British Empire) for being the founder of the first organic gastro-pub in the UK, which she opened in 1998.

Singh has had an enormous influence on the organic food industry and has kept her restaurant as ethical as possible. All food at the pub is organic and seasonal and beer is brewed in or close to London. Electricity is wind and solar generated.

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Geetie Singh says "Am I an environmentalist or a restaurateur? I would say both are equally important to me. Food is my love — but food at any cost? Not on your life!"

Among the values the business is founded on are treating staff and producers fairly, respecting the environment, operating a democratic style of management, championing a sustainable way of life, doing business with small, independent producers and forging strong links with the local community. And serving delicious food in a comfortable and stylish environment. Congratulations to Geetie on this wonderful honour.

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