Green Turtle Beats Hares In Canadian Liberal Party Race

The Natural Governing Party of Canada, AKA the Liberals, have ruled this country for most of the last hundred years, with occasional time-outs for bad behavior when the Conservative Party fills in. We are in one of those time-outs now, and the Liberals are choosing their next leader, which in every case but one in the 140 years of the country has meant the next Prime Minister. There were smart candidates running including front-runner Harvard professor Michael Ignatieff, then there was former Ontario premier Bob Rae, and among the long shot candidates, the plodding, intellectual environmental candidate Stephane Dion. After the four-ballot shootout the new Leader of the Opposition is Dion, whose first line was "How did I get here? Canadians are as concerned as I am about building a sustainable environment for our children." and "The Issue of our times is sustainable development." This TreeHugger has never voted liberal, was drifting from the NDP to the Greens, but I am shocked to see such a committed environmentalist winning the leadership of Canada's major party against such profound odds. Al Gore: fire up your campaign, Green is on a roll.