Green Technology Transfer the Key for International Climate Deal, Brazilian Official Says

wind turbine blade photo

Not as literally as this image might indicate... photo: S Woodside via flickr

China and India have been calling for more green technology transfer if they are to be part of an international climate change agreement. The chairman of the IPCC, Dr Rajendra Pachauri has said that focussing on green technology transfer (in short, helping nations develop their economies through technologies that allow them to be as green as possible) is the right way to get developing nations on board as well. Now a Brazilian climate change official has echoed this sentiment as well. Haraldo de Oliviera Machado Filho was quote by the AFP as saying that, "...a fair agreement on technology transfer is crucial to seal the deal in Copenhagen."Basically the issue is that while intellectual property law is seen in the rich nations of the world as protecting investments made in developing innovative technology, and providing enough financial incentive through patents and licensing to keep this research going, these same laws often act as barriers to enabling transfer of technology from rich nations to poor.

De Oliveira Machado Filho said that there must be an understanding with new green technologies that can help reduce carbon emissions that "patents must not be an obstacle for developing countries."

via: AFP/Yahoo News
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