Green Stats: 5 Percent

5% -- the amount of each sale TreeHugger fav Nau donates to environmental and humanitarian organizations working to create positive change. But how much is 5%?

$2,410 -- 5% of the median household income in the US.

$280,000,000,000 -- the amount we'd have if every US household gave 5%. That's four times the amount currently spent on education in this country.

$248.5 billion -- the amount of charitable giving in the US in 2004, totaling 2.1% of our GDP; if we'd given 5%, it would have been $688.5 billion, greater than the GDP of 177 countries across the world.

75% -- the amount of that charitable giving that came from individuals; 4.8% came from corporations, but, the median rate of giving among Fortune 500 companies is only...

0.07% -- which is more than 70 times less 5%. If all Fortune 500 companies gave 5%, it would total...

$19,200,000,000,000. Definitely enough to change the world. Watch the accompanying video at ::Nau via ::NotCot

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