Green Shift Calls Liberal Party of Canada "Blatantly Unethical" For Stealing Name

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We have mentioned Jennifer Wright and Toronto's Green Shift before; it is sort of a cross between a consulting firm and incubator for green products, a "Facilitator of environmental stewardship. Jennifer has spent a few years building her brand and her business; it is a good name. So good that the Liberal Party of Canada decided to steal it for their new carbon tax plan. People are now calling Jennifer and asking if she has ties to the Liberal party, which called her to say "I just want you to know that you are going to get a lot of hits on your website," thinking that she might be pleased. (Jennifer's company is at; the Liberal party creatively bought

So she sent in the lawyers, telling the Liberal Party of Canada to cease and desist.
Jennifer writes:

"For those who are angry at us for thinking that we have teamed up with the Liberal party, and/or their newly devised plan, we sincerely hope that everyone will help us to set the record straight, and help us to prevent the fall out.

For the record, we were notified by the Liberal Party the evening before they launched their campaign. They presented it to us in a fashion that implied that we should be happy by all of the extra traffic that we would receive as a result. We immediately notified them that we would take action to protect the name and the integrity that we have associated with it, and that we were not interested in receiving misdirected traffic. We began by politely asking. After receiving calls from the media, we contacted the Liberal party to ask again that they please stop using a name that we have clearly associated with our environmental program, to prevent confusion. Only after they refused to stop, did we decide to send a legal notice. "

It is an interesting question, is the exposure good for her business? Is it silly trying to protect a name made of two common words like "green Shift"? Jennifer certainly doesn't think so.

"I suppose that it should come as no surprise that there will naturally, sadly, always be, those who instead can only see the cheap side – that is – suggesting that we would be happy with this misdirected attention. For anyone who knows us, we have plenty of positive attention directed at our own work, we are not looking for any undeserved thanks or criticisms. Quite simply, we believe in credit where credit is due, and have no interest in receiving credit or criticism where it is not due." ::Green shift
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