Green Roofs in Osaka

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The nicest thing about Osaka is the train to Kyoto; most of it is drab, grey postwar concrete. However, Justin at MetaEfficient points us to a bit of green, a bit of an oasis on the roof of a shopping center next to the railway station, jammed in between the tracks and a highway. Jerde Partnership Architects "conceived Namba Parks as a large park, a natural intervention in Osaka's dense and harsh urban condition. Alongside a 30-story tower, the project features a lifestyle commercial center crowned with a rooftop park that crosses multiple blocks while gradually ascending eight levels. In addition to providing a highly visible green component in a city where nature is sparse, the sloping park connects to the street, welcoming passers-by to enjoy its groves of trees, clusters of rocks, cliffs, lawn, streams, waterfalls, ponds and outdoor terraces."

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"Beneath the park, a canyon carves an experiential path through specialty retail, entertainment and dining venues. Namba Parks creates a new natural experience for Osaka that celebrates the interaction of people, culture and recreation."

Every roof should be like this, habitable, productive green space instead of black tar. ::Jerde via ::Metaefficient

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