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The trade group GSMA has introduced a new plan that will help boost renewable power sources for mobile operators in developing countries. This new plan will make a serious dent in diesel use and carbon emissions by switching mobile operators in rural areas across the globe from diesel to wind, solar and biofuels. Usually, these mobile bases use diesel generators to power their operation. But with GSMA’s initiative, 118,000 mobile base stations will have access to solar, wind, and biofuels so they can ditch the diesel.

Green Power for Mobile initiative found that only 1,500 base stations around the world are currently powered by renewable energy. If their goal of getting renewable power to 118,000 stations is reached, they will save as much as 6.6 million gallons of diesel fuel per year, and avoid as much as 6.3 million tons of CO2.

Currently the GSMA is working with Digicel to power 17 new base stations in Vanuatu with wind and solar. They also worked with Ericsson to use waste cooking oil blended with diesel to power over 350 base stations throughout India, as well as using biofuel to power stations in Africa.

In the past, the high cost of converting to renewable power has been an expense mobile operaters aren’t keen to take on. But with rising diesel prices and a strong push world wide for clean energy, renewable power is increasingly attractive. Financial assistance from the Green Power for Mobile initiative can help operators recoup their investment in just 24 months.

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