Green Party Leader Bicycles Between Cities


I promised that I would not bore the rest of the world with too much on the Ontario election, but who could pass this up. Frank de Jong is off with his bike to the end of the subway line, then he has a sixty mile ride to Guelph, Ontario where he will spend the day with the local candidate, an organic farmer who also refines vegetable oil into biofuel. According to the Star:

Before de Jong sped off in downtown Toronto, he dismounted from his vehicle, equipped with three reusable bottles of water, a tire repair kit and a lunch of cream cheese and blueberries, both produced locally. He responded to comments that he's taking eco-responsibility to an extreme, frightening degree.

"It's not scary. It's normal, It will be normal, once we start being serious about climate change. And Green party people are serious about climate change. We're not just hot air."

The TV networks won't let him in the debates. The newspapers mostly ignore him and don't even publish his picture with the article. But he is saying all the right things; more people should listen. ::The Star

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