Green Parenting Survey Highlights Some Unreasonable Choices

According to a recent survey released by UK organic children's clothes company, Arabella Miller, 62% of parents said that they made greener choices after having children and 80% now defined themselves as a "green parent." But I've got to admit that I question some of the choices.When you see a study like this you never quite know what the assumptions are; so what defines a "green parent" here? Well, apparently the most popular trends were eating more organic food (59%) and recycling more (59%). Others made healthy lifestyle changes like cutting down on alcohol (50%), stopping smoking (24%), and eating more vegetarian meals (32%). Still others (53%) have begun growing their own fruits and vegetables. One parent commented that he has been "more conscious awareness of everything I buy - asking questions, buying locally, seasonally and avoiding products that exploit either the environment or people as much as I can."

Ok, that all sounds cool... But another said "we have stopped using anything containing PVC and got rid of all the plastic-containing toys we had for our firstborn. We also began making a lot more things ourselves, toys and clothes and similar. And we started keeping chickens and got rid of the car."

Now this TreeHugger is all for being a green parent, vastly improving the energy efficiency of our home, adding solar, using organic food products and making smarter choices in general by buying less crap to name a few angles; but keeping chickens and getting rid of the car? I say there's a better chance of hell freezing over

First, I live in the suburbs so a car is a necessity thanks to terrible planning way back when. Second, I simply don't have the time to raise kids AND chickens while living life in 2008. And I don't doubt that you're in the same boat.

Which brings me to a point that Bill Nye made when I spoke to him yesterday for an interview posting tomorrow; "The fact is that we have to find ways to do more with less". Meaning that we, as a society, have to find smarter ways to do the things we already do rather than asking people to give up what they already do, and I wholeheartedly agree.

via:: Arabella Miller