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As the Environmental News Network’s initials suggest, they can be likened to CNN of the environmental world. ENN is a comprehensive eco-news source that utilizes radio, video and online media to spread the good green word. For you blog addicts that are more accustomed to quick shots of info, they offer Ecobytes. It's a quick list of four different news sections that can be added to your active desktop. The site also lists a weekly summary of international environmental news in the form of a top ten with links to the in-depth articles.The ENN News Channels are divided into different topics ranging from Sustainable Economy to Science & Technology. They've also developed a nifty online multimedia tool called FLIMP(Flash Interactive Media Player) that they offer as part of their marketing services. They use FLIMP in their ENN TV section to showcase videos from eco-related businesses and organizations. The videos are updated weekly and are generally under 10 minutes with the production styles ranging from classic National Geographic to faster paced, MTV-ish hip. I actually watched all the ones in there for the week and rather enjoyed the piece called "Contaminated". It addresses Genetically Modified foods and is hosted by none other than Tao of Physics author - Fritjof Capra. Under ENN Radio, EarthNews Radio features 10 different program shorts that are only 90 seconds each and can be downloaded as podcasts along with the hour-long Beyond Organic show. The programs are broadcast on several radio stations across the U.S. as well as online. ENN even has an interactive area with quizzes to see how well-informed you are. ::ENN ::Beyond Organic

[by Karla Calderon]